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Industry expertise

The relevant industry expertise of the interim managers and a corresponding understanding of the personnel consultants for the respective industry specifies is necessary to ensure the rapid and customised temporary filling of management positions.

WP Management Solutions AG has broken itself down based on industries in accordance with the client and market requirements. The extension of the interim and project manager pools and also the systematic support of the clients and the partner organisations is performed in five focus industries which are organised as competence centres with defined areas of expertise. Each Competence Center has a team of consultants which performs the recruitment and the filling of the vacancy. Consultants who are experienced in the respective industries manage the competence centres.

The five focal industries of WPMS are:

  • Financial Services
  • Retail & Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Industrial Goods
  • Business Services
  • Public Services & Health Care

Functional specialist areas

WPMS supports its client in temporarily filling management positions in all the company's functional areas and also in event or phase-related specific situations. In this case we can make recourse to a unique network of international managers that has grown over a period of more than 20 years and a top class pool of candidates.

Restructuring and reorganisation experts

CRO is now an almost compulsory requirement in the company reorganisation with a protective screen or personal management in the insolvency proceedings.

WPMS provides interim managers (CROs) who have experience of dealing with crises who steer the company together with the management of the company through the difficult restructuring phase. In this sector WPMS have been cooperating in a spirit of trust for a number of years with auditing companies, banks, insolvency trustee and law firms. WPMS has a pool of top class reorganisation and restructuring experts. The CROs of WPMS can lay claim to the best references and verifiable successes and are available with differing areas of expertise depending on the client's requirements (e.g. with CRO, CFO, COO or with CSO backgrounds). Large reorganisation projects are successfully completed with the support of our CROs.

Industry experts

When buying companies or parts of companies we can provide industry experts for the review of strategies and business plans and the support of commercial and technical due diligence at short notice from our network of managers and industry experts and specialists.

Associated companies of WPMS

We have jointly established associated companies and cooperative ventures with selected managers in which we provide both systematic support of our industry clients and also place staff for temporary executive management positions to secure the quality, availability and binding of high quality interim and project managers. They also include WP FORCE Solutions GmbH which specialises in Retail and Consumer Goods and WP Automotive Solutions GmbH which is in the process of being founded.

International presence

WPMS is an interim and project management provider that operates on an international scale. We temporarily fill management positions for our clients and cooperative partners in all the relevant economic regions of the world. In the course of our further internationalisation we are increasingly using the option of setting up national subsidiaries in cooperation with local partners. So WP Management Solutions Austria GmbH with its headquarters in Vienna was founded in 2013. It is planned that additional national subsidiaries will open in Switzerland, Greece, Spain and Russia.

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