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Advantages of temporary executive management solutions

Volatile economic developments, globalisation and a considerable level of dynamic change led to constant adaptation processes in a lot of companies in terms of the management capacities and generate new requirements in relation to the breadth of use and global availability of experienced managers. The increasing importance of project work as a driver of changes increases the need for managers and industry experts and specialists who are available on a temporary basis. The demographically-related lack of industry experts and specialists and executives now already leads to recognisable shortages of qualified personnel.

Against this backdrop executive temporary management, i.e. the temporary assumption of management tasks, is a worthwhile solution for a lot of companies. Executive temporary managers assume responsibility for the results of their work as a line or project manager and leave the company again as soon as the problem was solved or the project has been successfully completed. Executive temporary managers can generally be recruited at very short notice. Usually only a few weeks are required from the point in term of the emergence of the needs to take over by an interim manager. Temporary solutions frequently turn out to be more economic compared to a permanent appointment.

Use of executive temporary managers

WPMS organises a rapid, reliable and, upon request, a completely discrete recruitment process for vacancies that emerge at short notice. We know a large number of competent executive temporary managers and as a "neutral third party" select the candidates who are appropriate for our clients from a large number of CVs. In this process we know the special questions in the client companies to just the same extent as the special skills of potential candidates.

Typical working situations for executive temporary managers include:

  • Gap management
  • Restructuring/reorganisation
  • Support with insolvency matters
  • M&A
  • Change processes
  • Consultancy/expert reports
  • Change Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • IPO
  • Projects

The demands placed upon the executive temporary managers are by contrast with a fixed appointment frequently based on the short-term goals of the company and the current particular situation. Executive temporary management enables a rapid, flexible and needs-based reaction to management staff shortages that are caused either internally and/or externally. Due to the short-term availability periods and contract termination deadlines this secures high levels of flexibility and avoids rivalries with internal executives.

The practical application of executive temporary management demonstrates that approx. 15 percent of the mandates are restructuring and reorganisation cases. 40 percent of the mandates are classic gap management assignments, 25 percent are project tasks and another 20 percent result from the development of a business, and purchasing and sales situations of companies.

Recruitment process

WP Human Capital Group's more than 20 years of experience in the search for and recruitment of temporary managers means for our clients that we can make use of a quality assured pool of executive temporary managers that has been developed over a period of many years. We can thus fulfil the respective client requirements to a very high degree both in terms of the availability and the performance of the temporary managers.

Our clients can make use of top management experiences and best practice knowledge of differing industries and positions. The recruitment of complete manager or project teams also forms part of our core services. Our consultants know the business of their clients and are thus able to rapidly and competently offer recruitment suggestions. We ensure that the agreed standards of personnel selection and the respective company rules are observed.

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