WP Management Solutions AG


WP Management Solutions AG is a subsidiary of the WP Human Capital Group and has specialised in the sectors of Executive Temporary Management and special project solutions. As an international provider of management services the WPMS operates in a network of affiliated industry and regional enterprises and cooperative ventures. The enterprise is managed by Dr. Günther Würtele and Dr. Ralph Becker. The WPMS team consists of experienced HR consultants who are very familiar with the various industries and have an expert knowledge of our clients' requirements.


 Dr. Günther Würtele

He was born in 1958, studied and completed a doctorate at the faculty of business administration of the University of Mannheim. He started his career at Arthur Andersen in 1983. There he was an assistant, project manager, 'Prokurist' (holder of a commercial power of attorney) and most recently managing director and partner. He has been an associate and managing partner of the WP Human Capital Group since 1994. He is also the founding publisher of the BoardReport and FINANCE magazines and publisher of significant publications intended for top managers.

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Michael Gareis

Born in 1965, Michael Gareis completed an apprenticeship as a banker. From 1988 onwards he worked for the AVABANK that specialised in the financing of car sales, where he was manager of the lending sector in Austria. In 1998 Gareis founded a warranty insurance company within the Eurorax group and acted as managing director. In 2004 he then responded to the call of the British remarketing specialist British Car Auctions and was responsible as the Managing Director of CEE for the development of activities in Austria and the CEE/SEE countries. Michael Gareis has been a Managing Partner of WP Management Solutions GmbH, Austria, which is also responsible for the CEE/SEE region, since 2013.

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