WP Management Solutions AG

Profile of the interim managers

The interim and project managers of WPMS stand out due to their many years of management experience as board members, managing directors and senior executives. They have board and in-depth expertise and best-practice knowledge in their respective industries and functions and stand out due to their constant drive to get the job down, verifiable successes and top class results. If necessary each of our temporary managers can make use of all the competencies in the global network of WPMS. In this way we achieve the highest levels of information exchange and availability and a high level of solution competence for our clients. We know all the managers of our pool of candidates face-to-face which facilitates an effective and effective placement process. We organised seminar and specialist events many times a year in which we guarantee the professional and personal further training and the interchange of information of our interim and project managers.

Downloads for temporary executive managers

If you are interested in working with the WP group you can create your own personal candidate profile using the attached templates.


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