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Dr. Günther Würtele

He was born in 1958, studied and completed a doctorate at the faculty of business administration of the University of Mannheim. He started his career at Arthur Andersen in 1983. There he was an assistant, project manager, 'Prokurist' holder of a commercial power of attorney and most recently managing director and partner. He has been an associate and managing partner of the WP Human Capital Group since 1994. He is also the founding publisher of the BoardReport and FINANCE magazines and publisher of significant publications intended for top managers.

 Publications of Dr. Günther Würtele

  • Turning point  Significant personalities face up to the topics of the present day and the future. The following people will be commenting on this among others King Abdullah II. of Jordan, Pedro Passos Coelho, Vávlav Klaus, Xi Jinping, Ulrich Grillo, Jochen Zeitz, Götz W. Werner
  • Words of command Economic decision makers and statesmen face up to the issues of the future. The authors include Dr. Horst Köhler, Dr. Josef Ackermann, George W. Bush, Vladimir Putin
  • The future as a task The authors include Hubert Burda, Bill Clinton, Roman Herzog, Mohamed Hosni, Mubarak, Juan Antonio Samaranch, Jürgen E. Schrepp
  • Agenda for the 21st century Politics and economics en route to another era. The fans include Helmut Kohl, Giovanni Agnelli, Helmut Maucher, Kim Dae-Jung, Jian Zemin, King Hassan II, Heinrich von Prierer, Reinhard Mohn
  • The learning elite What makes good managers even better. Authors include Manfred Rommel, Reinhold Würth, Gertrud Höhler, Manfred Lahnstein, Lutz von Rosenstiel


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