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WP Human Capital Group is a service company and supports both medium-sized companies and also groups throughout all the world's economic centres. This includes both the support of companies that have their headquarters in Germany during their international activities in the relevant countries throughout the world and also the support of foreign companies that are active in the German-speaking world with subsidiaries or branches. In organisational terms this is performed by our own offices and member firm companies or via the global sites of our cooperative partners. The same "professional quality standards" apply everywhere in this case.

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Cooperative partners & projects

More than 3,000 international projects were performed worldwide by the WP Human Capital Group in its 20 year company history. This amounts to about 50 per cent of the total projects. Some examples are listed below.


Belgien Belgium

  • The WP Group acquires lawyers who are very experienced in cartel law of an internationally active law firm in Brussels.
  • The WP Group cooperates with the EU Commission as part of a media project.

Dänemark Denmark

  • The WP Group successfully recruited managers in Denmark for a German retail company.
  • The WP Group successfully recruited several managers in the real estate sector for the family office of a Danish investor.

Großbritannien Great Britain

  • The WP Group successfully recruited a managing director for the German subsidiary of a successful high-tech company in London.
  • The WP Group successfully recruited a number of experienced consultants for a provider of professional services in London that is a global leader.
  • The WP Group regularly provides chief restructuring officers for companies experiencing difficulties for an investment bank in London that is a global leader.

Finnland Finnland

  • Several managers are being sought for recruitment during the expansion of Finnish activities for a large German retail company.
  • Several industry experts have been successfully provided for planned takeovers for a major Finnish industrial enterprise.

Griechenland Greece

  • The General Manager for the Greek subsidiary of a German medium-sized stock market listed industrial enterprises was successfully recruited.
  • A CEO was successfully recruited for a Greek investor that has purchased a company in Germany.

Niederlande Netherlands

  • We looked to recruit plant managers and finance managers from all round the world for a Dutch business service group.
  • Managers were extensively recruited in various sectors for a leading Dutch major bank.
  • Extensive media work was performed for a Dutch/English oil company.
  • WP has performed extensive work in the HR sector for one of the world's leading manufacturers of consumer goods.

Italien Italy

  • An executive temporary manager was provided for a German subsidiary of a major Italian bank in Rome.
  • Industrial experts for investment banking activities are regularly provided for a renowned Italian investment bank in Rome.
  • Traders were recruited in Frankfurt for a major Italian bank based in Milan.
  • An Italian company in the consumer goods industry is supported in its bid to recruit managers in Germany.

Frankreich France

  • A French private equity company purchased an internationally active service company with its headquarters in Germany and required an interim CFO, and also with a view to the future, a permanent CFO. Both tasks were dealt with promptly by WP.
  • A French pharmaceuticals manufacture sought to recruit several sales employees for Germany who could recruited by WP for permanent appointments.  
  • A German manager of consumer goods sought to recruit the manager responsible for it for the production site in France. WP found a manager who had the necessary specialist skills but also knows the German and French cultures.
  • A French construction group with a global standing purchased a company in Germany. The necessary management changes were supported by WP.
  • A leading French bank is looking to recruit several employees for several sectors and is being supported by WP in this process.
  • A Franco-German aviation industry group was looking to recruit staff with technical skills for projects in the production sector. It was possible to provide the company with these staff.

Irland Ireland

  • An Irish financial institute has a subsidiary in Germany for the securities transactions. The business should be extended and WP is seeking to recruit a sales-oriented managing director.
  • A major German bank is looking to recruit experts for its subsidiary in Ireland and is receiving support from WP in this matter.

Österreich Austria

  • A manufacturer of investment goods in Austria is looking to recruit a purchasing managing and an operations manager on a permanent basis. The WP Group has successfully supported them in this.
  • A leading leasing company with its headquarters in Vienna was looking to recruit experienced leasing experts for their expansion into Eastern European countries and was successfully supported by WP in this.
  • A professional service firm that is a global leader was looking to recruit several consultants for their activities in Austria which WP successfully found for them.

Polen Poland

  • A German computer repair company was looking to recruit an experienced restructuring manager and a plant manager for the reorganisation of their factory in Poland.
  • A Spanish retail bank is looking to recruit a managing director for the national subsidiary in Poland via the European headquarters in Germany.

Portugal Portugal

  • A Portuguese investor was in search investment options in the industrial sector in Germany. WP supported it through the provision of an industrial expert.

Rumänien Rumania

  • An industrial expert was successfully provided as part of the reorganisation of company in Rumania.

Schweden Sweden

  • The company successfully managed to recruit the management team for the Swedish activities of a leading German retail house.
  • Industrial experts who have good networks in the fields of business and politics were provided for a leading Swedish car manufacturer.
  • We looked to recruit a manager in Germany for a leading Swedish retailer.

Schweiz Switzerland

  • A major consumer goods manufacturer with its headquarters in Switzerland is looking to recruit managers for different sectors. WP supported this successfully both with regard to the management positions and also in the levels below this.
  • We successfully recruited an interim finance manager for the integration of a company that had been acquired by a Swiss industrial enterprise.
  • We looked to recruit several sales people in the private health sector for a major Swiss bank.
  • We looked to recruit managers for German subsidiaries purchased by a private Swiss entrepreneur.

Spanien Spain

  • A leading Spanish bank was looking to recruit specialists in Germany and managing directors of the national subsidiaries for the development of the Eastern European states.
  • A German medium-sized company completely relocated its production operations to Spain. WP provided the project manager and acquired the new managing director in Spain.

Tschechische-Republik The Czech Republic

  • We looked to recruit and found a managing director and a risk manager for a bank in the Czech Republic.

Ukraine Ukraine

  • Für eine deutsche DIY Organisation wurde für Aktivitäten in der Ukraine ein Financial Controller gesucht und gefunden.
  • Für ein deutsches Retail-Unternehmen wurden durch einen durch WP bereitgestellten Industrieexperten in der Ukraine Informationen über Marktpotenziale zusammengestellt.

Ungarn The Ukraine

  • We looked to recruit and found a financial controller for a German DIY organisation for activities in the Ukraine.
  • Information about areas of market potential was compiled for a German retail company by an industry expert provided by WP in the Ukraine.


China China

  • A Chinese state bank was looking to recruit a representative and manager for the extension of its activities. The WP Group provided advice in compiling a list of suggested candidates and during their selection.
  • A Chinese associated company was looking for investment options in Europe. The WP Group provided experienced industrial experts who performed activities as corporate finance consultants.
  • Following the purchase of a medium-sized industrial company by a Chinese industrial enterprise the WP Group looked to recruit appropriate new management personnel in accordance with the specifications of the new shareholder.
  • A German medium-sized car component supplier company planned to construct a factory in China. The WP Group recruited the plant manager and the general manager for China.

Indien India

  • An Indian industrial enterprise was looking to recruit a European managing director with a technical background for its European activities. The WP Group put forward corresponding suggestions which were then also taken into account in the final selection process.
  • An Indian car manufacturer purchased a German medium-sized company (car component supplier), and the WP Group successfully recruited a new CFO.
  • A German medium-sized car manufacturer was looking to recruit an experienced manager for its plant in India. The WP Group successfully implemented this project on-site.
  • A leading Indian energy and industrial corporation was looking to recruit an experienced manager from this industry to support a project for a plant with start-up difficulties.

Japan Japan

  • A leading Japanese electronics group was looking to recruit a sales director for its German subsidiary. The WP Group successfully supported the client.
  • A major Japanese bank purchased a large number of company shareholdings in various industries via its investment company. The WP Group supports this company in those cases where new management is required.
  • A Japanese car manufacturer required a supervisory board and a chief executive officer for its bank in Germany. The WP Group successfully completed this project.
  • A German IT service company was looking for local personnel for its subsidiary in Japan. This task was assumed by the WP Group.
  • A German medium-sized high-tech company was looking to appoint an interim managing director and a managing director to be appointed on a permanent basis for a small subsidiary in Japan.

Kasachstan Kazakhstan

  • Industrial experts and consultants were successfully provided by the WP Group for the reorganisation of a few classic Kazakh companies.
  • The WP Group cooperated with the Kazakh government on a media project.

Russland Russia

  • Industrial experts and consultants were successfully provided by the WP Group for the reorganisation of a few classic Russian companies.
  • The WP Group cooperated with the Russian government on a media project.
  • A Russian multinational gas supplier is currently searching for several managers in Germany and in Europe for the further development of its business operations. The WP Group supports this client.
  • A Russian investor purchased an associated company in the transportation sector. The WP Group is looking to recruit the management for the further development of the business, at both a national and international level.
  • A Russian company from the industrial sector is looking to appoint experienced former German industrial managers to further develop the organisation.

Saudi-Arabien Saudi Arabia

  • The WP Group is supporting the largest Saudi Arabian oil corporation as part of a media project.
  • The WP Group is recruiting several experienced finance experts for the controlling of a major infrastructure project in Saudi Arabia.

Vereinigte-Arabische-Emirate Trip to the United Arab Emirates

  • The WP Group successfully recruited IT managers on a temporary basis for several infrastructure projects in Abu Dhabi.
  • Industrial experts and consultants were successfully provided by the WP Group for the reorganisation of a few Arabian companies.
  • The WP Group cooperated with the Arabian government on a media project.

North America

Kanada Canada

  • A German retail investor inspected an expansion in Canada through the adoption of existing retail companies on-site. An experienced WP retail expert cooperated in the commercial due diligence.
  • A leading Canadian automotive supplier was increasingly searching for new management personnel in Germany, Europe and Asia. The WP Group extensively provided support during this project in all the relevant sectors (operations, R&D, sales, finance).

Mexiko Mexico

  • A medium sized car component supplier requires a plant manager for its factory in Mexico who masters the special requirements in Mexico when faced by restructuring processes. The WP Group provided a corresponding manager.
  • A multinational Mexican telecommunications corporation required experienced telecommunications experts for the auditing of takeover candidates in Europe in order to produce market reports. The WP Group provided them with individuals who met these requirements.

 USA United States of America

  • A medium-sized industrial company was looking to recruit a managing director for its subsidiary in the United States who is familiar with both cultures.
  • The WP Group supported a large American retail company during its expansion in Europe. Numerous managers were recruited for permanent positions.
  • An American major bank was looking to appoint managers in different sections for the extension of their activities in Germany. The WP Group successfully performed this work.
  • A leading American drinks manufacturer was seeking to numerous temporary managers for its structural changes in Europe who were successfully recruited by the WP Group.
  • An IT company that is a global leader was supported by the WP Group in its effort to recruit managers in the HR sector.

South America

 Argentinien Argentina

  • A German high-tech manufacturer wished to recruit a Chief Restructuring Officer for Argentina.

Brasilien Brazil

  • A German car components supplier was looking to recruit a plant controller and plant organiser and we successfully recruited the relevant personnel for them.

Chile Chile

  • A German high-tech manufacturer wished to recruit a Chief Restructuring Officer for Chile.

Australia Australien

  • The WP has been advising a major Australian investment firm through the performance of assessments and analyses of potential following the takeover of a division of a large private bank.


Ägypten Egypt

  • The WP Group provided an experienced expert to provide consultancy during infrastructure work conducted by the Egyptian government. The consultancy was provided on-site in Egypt.

Marokko Morocco

  • The WP Group provided a Moroccan company with an experienced plant manager for the reorganisation of a plant near Casablanca.

Südafrika South Africa

  • A South African generic drug manufacturer required a managing director in Germany for its expansion in Germany. The WP Group successfully implemented the project.
  • A leading retail company in South Africa employed an experienced retail expert as the chief restructuring officer in cooperation with a strategy and management consultancy company that operates internationally.


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