WP Information GmbH

Consultancy fields

The consultancy fields of WP Information GmbH cover the following areas:

Consultancy for entrepreneurs

Using the WP business consultancy the entrepreneur is supported during the establishment of rules of stable and future-oriented company management (corporate governance). Part of the consultancy service consists in supporting the entrepreneur in filling his management and company control positions in the best possible way no matter what the task involved is. If necessary temporary executive managers will be recruited for you who fill the gaps in a temporary function and at a specialist level until the positions can be permanently filled. Whilst classic personnel consultancy provides specific support in a particular case, the WP business consultancy offers an integrated consultancy approach which is of a long-term and comprehensive nature. This also includes the question of the company succession (succession within the family, management buy-in, management buy-out, sale of the company) and arrange contacts with other companies for the interchange of experiences - in a customised and targeted manner. By way of a comprehensive and expert consultancy the entrepreneur advisory services cooperate with an existing team in legal consultancy companies, auditing company and corporate finance companies.

Consultancy for managers

We advise managers in the planning of their careers and provide managers for new appointments. The market of the positions to be filled will be acted on and processed in this league by personnel consultancies. The challenge entails gaining the attention of the personnel consultants but also of the decision makers using reputable and attractively imaged contents. There are a great deal of personnel consultants and it is simply impossible to keep in touch with all of them. Direct applications are only likely to succeed if they are used at the right time based on quality information whilst being designed in a modern and state-of-the-art manner. You have to be visible whilst appearing reputable for the decision makers. In this context WP Information GmbH is available to the manager in an advisory and supportive function for his personal career planning.

WP Board Advice Circle

The WP Information GmbH systematically advises and supports managers and interim managers at a board level and supervisory boards in their careers and provides them with a network and network opportunities. The WP BOARD ADVICE CIRCLE is to the fore here. This provides its members with a unique platform that can be used individually which facilitates access to expertise and links with decision-makers in the fields of business and politics. Members can additionally contribute their experience, knowledge and networks in a manner that adds values to projects of the WP Human Capital Group and their cooperative partners. The arrangement of contacts, the maintenance of networks, the consultancy of entrepreneurs with regards to their company constitution and overall organisation and the support of managers in gaining management and supervisory board positions also form part of the service offer of the WP Group.

Remuneration consultancy

WP Information GmbH produces analysis of salaries and inspects your remuneration models. The right remuneration model is a decisive tool to attract and motivate talented personnel and bind them to the company. Wages and fringe benefits are now generally the largest expenditure items. The success of a new remuneration model depends on its design, implementation and the way it is communicated. We will be happy to advise you here.


As an independent personnel consultancy we assess, develop and support persons, teams and organisations. Our team consists of senior consultants with many years of experience and comprehensive additional training. They are competently supported in all the small and large projects. In this case our training courses, assessment centres and workshops are always adapted to the client's individual requirements. Our clients differ markedly from one another: ranging from large Dax-listed corporations to medium-sized enterprises to public services - our wealth of experience is wide-ranging and covers all industries.


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