WP Information GmbH

Media services

The print magazine Boardreport is the flagship of WP Information GmbH's information and media sector. Here the reader is provided with information about positions and careers, developments and backgrounds of leading economic figures in top management positions or about interesting personalities from the second tier. The database of persons that this is based on comprises more than 24,000 data records.

Media positioning

Due to the fact that WP Information GmbH's focus is upon the personal career development of managers the "Boardreport" magazine also acts in addition to its function as an information platform as a presentation platform for the systematic support of its own business intelligence and acquisition activities, by means of the following options among other

  • Articles, specialist articles and press releases
  • Company profiles, personal profiles
  • Interviews including a series of photographs
  • Professional advertisement design
  • Flyers, information brochures, chronicles, image brochures and much more besides

The information products additionally include various media and information services such as personal profile databases, top personnel reports in summary form including company and customised services and research work. Now numerous companies and personnel consultancies profit from the data which is investigated and processed so it is constantly up to date by professional research and editorial teams.


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