Industry segments

All companies are affected by pressure to change, but there are differences with regard to the various industry segments.

We have structured them as follows:

  • Insurance companies
  • Private commercial banks (investment banking, retail banking, asset management, transaction organisations)
  • Stock exchanges and marketplaces
  • State organisations (central banks, supervisory authorities, etc.)
  • Savings banks and Raiffeisen banks and their central institutions
  • Private equity

We have many years of experience in all these segments and have relevant industry experts in our teams.

For each of these industry segments, we have highly experienced industry experts as part of our team who have worked successfully in the industry for many decades and understand the industry. This is complemented by young personalities who address the new technologies, especially in the area of digitalisation.


Our industry experts work closely with our service consultants so that we can offer and process all our services here, in line with our structuring as follows: the recruitment of managers for permanent positions, for interim assignments and the recruitment of supervisory board members and industry experts.



Close cooperation between our consultants, service advisors and our industry experts allows us to handle all relevant functions in one company, so that our customers can take advantage of a comprehensive service, where they need it.

Topics and Business Solutions

In a world where everything is changing faster and faster, the filling of professional and managerial positions is often integrated into overall developments or overall tasks. This often does not involve a singular, clearly definable task, but rather the recruitment of a specialist or manager in a larger overall context. In this context, it is not uncommon for there to be several solution components that can only be successfully dealt with if there is an understanding of the situation and of the objectives. Accordingly, we have set up the relevant competence centres.

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Jan Giessler

Industry coordinator Financial Services
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Industry experts

Harald Patt
Chief Digital Officer, SCOPE
N.N. Warners