CRO/CTO & Area functions

There is no classic broad area as is usually the case with C-level positions. However, there are often project managers who are assigned and can come from all functional and industry areas. We support our clients both in filling these positions.

CRO/CTO & Divisional functions for permanent positions

Permanent CROs and CTOs only exist in rare cases. In large corporations, it is conceivable that a CTO or a corresponding manager for divisional functions is sought for long-term transformation processes. We have the corresponding networks and lines of communication to relevant personalities.

Carsten Renk


Managing Director
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Robert Battes

Robert Battes

Managing Director
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CRO/CTO & Divisional functions for interim assignments

CRO and CTO positions are usually filled on an interim basis. They are usually unscheduled, short-term appointments during crises, transformation and transaction processes. There is often very little time for the selection process, so it is essential to organise networks cultivated over years with these relevant personalities. In addition, it is important that the relevant players in this context, such as financiers, appraisers, M&A advisors, business partners, etc., are also part of these networks and ideally already have a picture or experience of the proposed candidates in advance. We have been organising these networks quite systematically for decades and have a unique track record here.

Nadja Iram-1

Nadja Iram

Executive Director
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CRO/CTO Personalities for control and advisory boards

If companies find themselves in a special situation, in a strategic or financial crisis, it is often necessary to have transformation and restructuring competence on the supervisory or advisory board. Sometimes this is also required by the relevant actors, such as financiers and business partners. We organise networks and connecting lines to relevant personalities.

Bernd Sauer

Bernd Sauer

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Klaus Hellmich

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Jan Giessler-1

Jan Giessler

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