CCO/CSO & Area functions

We support our clients both in recruiting a CCO or CSO and in filling all relevant positions in this area. These include:

  • Sales management
  • Marketing Management
  • E-commerce
  • Social Media

When conducting the search process, we attach great importance to the fact that the consultant appointed fully understands the position in its professional dimension and is in regular exchange with the relevant market participants and accordingly also knows and masters the cultural requirements.

CCO/CSO Area functions for permanent positions

Within the framework of a succession filling process that can be carried out according to plan, there is usually sufficient time to compare possible internal candidates and potential external candidates who may also come from the competitor. This process must be highly professional and confidential. Our consultants who take on such tasks therefore have both the industry expertise and the functional/sales competence. Since first-class candidates are courted, one must not lose them in such a process through lack of professionalism.




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CCO/CSO & Area functions for interim tasks

Normally, companies want to fill these positions with permanent managers. However, should it occur, special market knowledge and ongoing liaison with appropriate candidates is imperative. Crises, transformation processes or transactions can make it necessary to fill a position quickly. The acquisition of a personality directly from a candidate is therefore rather not possible. In this case, a solution must be found that comes from a sustainable network. We maintain these networks systematically, involving the relevant actors in such situations.

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CCO/CSO Personalities for control and advisory boards

Sales and market competence is of utmost importance when appointing members to statutory as well as voluntary supervisory and advisory bodies. For compliance reasons, in the vast majority of cases only personalities who are no longer active as managers are considered. We are in regular contact with these people, who are no longer active in operations, and know not only their professional competence and personal characteristics, but often also their personal planning, so that the recommendation for a supervisory or advisory board function can be well-founded.


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Executive Board
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