Permanent positions

If you are interested in an assessment of your position or are planning the next steps of your professional career in permanent employment and are looking for an exchange on this, you are welcome to send your CV directly to an advisor or to this address:

Interim Management

With an interim manager, it is in the nature of things that you have to look for new tasks on a regular basis. This is not always easy to present, as the tasks require full commitment and there is hardly any time for it.

WP has different formats for excellent interim managers, how candidates can position themselves for interim tasks or simply ways to get such mandates. Please contact us and we will be happy to talk to you.


Supervisory Board, Advisory Board and industry experts

For very many managers, spending the third stage of their professional career as a supervisory board member, advisory board member or industry expert is a desirable objective. Even for highly qualified managers with an impeccable track record, this is a challenging task that ideally needs to be prepared for in the long term, preferably while the company is still in operation.

The competition for the coveted places on advisory boards is too great and the market is also intransparent, so systematic support is very helpful here.

WP has appropriate formats that we would be happy to inform you about. Please contact us if you are interested.


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